Homeless or Homebody?

Homeless and Homebody

A project that started as an annoyance of people on Instagram has transformed into the helping hand for Minneapolis.

Every day I drove by Minneapolis's version of skid-row. It's known as the "The Wall." It's off a major highway (55 and Ceder Ave. Exit) connecting downtown Minneapolis and the southern wealthier suburbs. Many turn a blind eye to the camp as numbers swelled. The camp had about 175 citizens but has dropped dramatically due to the navigation center opening. The camp has been mostly eradicated now. The majority of the camp consisted of a Native American population which suffers from addiction (heroin), mental health issues, and unaffordable rent costs.

I was inspired by the French artist JR previous Gaza/Israel project, I wanted to ask the city can you tell the difference between a homebody and a homeless person?

Look at portraits and see if you can pick them out.

Did you make your guess?

It's a trick question, they all are homeless.

To find their names and stories, please visit the portrait gallery (not everyone wanted to share so some are unknown)

I am NOT receiving any money nor am I affiliated with anyone for this project.

I am hoping to help raise money for a Minneapolis Homeless Project and to help cover the cost of printing from the Inside Out Project and personal material cost.